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Bring the Spring sunshine

Like my mum before her birthday, the London weather drops small hints of what’s coming. Having spent last four months under dark gloomy clouds and people running around dressed in mostly black or deep magenta, it is time. 

The signs are small. But they are all noticeable. That first blossom. Brighter evenings. Blue skies. Colours. Light. Burst of sunshine. People smiling. Yes! Ladies and gentlemen. Spring is here.   The birds seems to sing louder in the mornings and it’s daylight when your alarm bell buzzes. The city seems to have woken up happy. People remember to look around and smile. There is a beautiful fragrance in the parks. Rain doesn’t seem as cold anymore. 

There is an obvious buzz around the city that seems to bring in the bees and back to the parks. This goes on to also remind me about spring cleaning. But that can wait for the weekend. 

Sunshine, I am ready for you. 

Break in the clouds

Something about the London grey that is still quite attractive

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