Sweet taste of victory

I recently entered the Bloomberg photography competition. And I won!

Link to details

I rarely enter competitions. A lot of it has been because a majority of the winning images have usually been documentary or journalistic photographs. One's that make you stop in your track to witness a dramatic and often tragic event marking its moment in history.

My work on the other hand is more candid and an effort to create something to enjoy and take you away from the now. I love to believe my images bring a sense of wonder or happiness taking you on a positive journey. I often create short series of work with an idea in mind and let it evolve.

So when I heard Bloomberg wanted photographers to showcase the city of London I was emboldened to submit some of my lockdown work. I love the city's past meets present architectural wonder. The modern buildings have adapted themselves to enhance the older buildings giving way to a story through photographs.

Using a slow shutter and double exposure that my Nikon mirrorless now allows I was able to create this image. The modern glass structure with materialistic goods for sale pointing to a historic churc