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Self Portrait

Self-portraits are not selfies. They are revealing. They are about the artists, showing themselves in the way they want to be seen—revealing something deeply personal, illustrating something they cannot explain with words.

The occasional disconnect and confusion we all go through, help us define our moods and bring us to learning ourselves better. That vulnerability is what is toughest to capture. I hope to show you some of that chaos through self portraiture.  

There is always music and magic
Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss
_You may turn out ordinary if you are not careful_  #london #selfportrait #portraitsmag #portraitmoo
I wanted calm. I got chaos
Watch your backs tonight. Happy Halloween
Everybody knows that everybody glows like the city lights
The world is mine
The allure of pretty things and blind thoughts
Hello March. Summer in the light and winter in the shade
Just coffee. Black - like my soul.
City crush
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