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Hello February.

We live in a what is described as the new normal. Where we don't meet people we love, we stick to our restrictive boundaries and are spending a lot more time at home staring at some of the junk we accumulated over the years!

That shiny loud sun umbrella I never used but bought on my trip to India was a waste. But it helped the local artist and made me open the photo collection from file and took me on a nostalgic journey that I enjoyed on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I miss travelling. I even miss the chaos of a busy airport! Imagine that.

What it did do was help me get into my my tights and wellies and get out for a walk. Wandering within the restrictive zones of my area I went down streets I haven't been before or avoided for sometime for a quicker option. Finding new corners and noticing the gorgeousness of why I moved here in the first place has helped bring in a new zing into my day.

I hope the pictures can show you that a grey rainy morning can still be calm and pretty and bring a smile. It has also helped me get my focus back into my day.

I will still jump out like jack in the box the minute the restrictions are removed, but until then this alternative mindful living is a good change. I think we will find the mojo and hunt ways to improve 2021.

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